/graphic design

Graphic Design
Role: Art Director  
Tools: Adobe InDesign

2024 In Color is a redesigned calendar for the new year. It uses color to note the changes in months and seasons and highlights weekends as colorful blocks.

Editotial, Creative
Role: Cover Designer
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign
LACMA’s Ceramics billboard and catalog newsletter cover was made for a new of the ceramics show at LACMA. Cover photo: Peter Shire. 

Graphic Design, Packaging
Role: Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Product Supervisor
Client: 826LA
Tools: Adobe Illustrator
Store Manager: Carrine Mangold
MMR is a memory card game designed for children and adults of which I designed and supervised the production of. The inside of the cards uses primary color beacuse of the whimsical theme of the store (Time Travel) while the packaging uses a minimal pallet to bring an aesthetic balance. MMR is currently sold in 826LA stores (MarVista & Echo Park) and in their online store.
826LA is a local chapter in one of the largest non-profit American writing programs. 

Graphic Design
Role: Graphic Designer
Cilent: Los Altos History Museum
Tools:  InDesign, Photoshop
Design campagin created for Juana Briones exhibition opening using author’s original art created using oil paint and pastels. 

Graphic Design, Packaging
Role: Graphic Designer, 3D modeler, Fabricator
Cilent: Nepali Pustakari
Tools:  InDesign, 3D printing, Laser cutting
Design Lead: Beth Elliot
Chaku is a brand for a familiar Nepaliese molasses candy; Pustakari. The mockup of the Pustakari candy shown above (left or top) is made out of air-dry clay which was hand-painted and debossed by a custom 3D printed stamp.

nepali american designer
ba ucla 2023 

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