URNA is a first-generation Nepalese college student. 🇳🇵
Urna has been a Store Designer, User Interface designer, Project Leader, Muralist, and Fabricator. 
Some of the people she's worked with are 826LA, NurLabs, Reneal IEO, UCLA RADIO, UCLA  ARTS, The City of Palo Alto, The community of Los Altos, County of Santa Clara. 
Urna is on track to graduate from UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture in 2023 with a BA in Design Media Arts. 
Some of her hobbies include entomology, rock climbing, yoga, and reading. 🦎 
Location: Los Angeles, California;
DOB: 11/26/2000;
Myers & Briggs' 16 Personality Types: INFJ-T;
My Creative Type: The Dreamer.
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