/product design

Role: Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Product Supervisor
Client: 826LA
Tools: Adobe Illustrator
Store Manager: Carrine Mangold
MMR is a memory card game designed for children and adults of which I designed and supervised the production of. The inside of the cards uses primary color beacuse of the whimsical theme of the store (Time Travel) while the packaging uses a minimal pallet to bring an aesthetic balance. MMR is currently sold in 826LA stores (MarVista & Echo Park) and in their online store.
826LA is a local chapter in one of the largest non-profit American writing programs.

Role: Graphic Designer, 3D modeler, Fabricator
Cilent: Nepali Pustakari
Tools:  InDesign, 3D printing, Laser cutting
Design Lead: Beth Elliot
Chaku is a brand for a familiar Nepaliese molasses candy; Pustakari. The mockup of the Pustakari candy shown above (left or top) is made out of air-dry clay which was hand-painted and debossed by a custom 3D printed stamp.

Role: Graphic Designer, Fabricator
Size: 4ft x 16in x 16in
Cilent: UCLA Arts
Tools:  Illustrator, CNC,  Woodshop
CNC supervisor: Jonathan Cecil
U-Bench is created using Birch plywood, polycarbonate, and a 3-axis CNC milling machine. The dimensions are 48”x16”x16”. The U-Bench uses finger joints, wood glue, and planks. The bench with it’s U shaped dip, invites individuals to nest in the middle or lay atop it. I was inspired by the chaos and beauty that occurs in a collage of street art, public art, and public furniture. The communal idea of public benches was an invitation to peers at UCLA to be rebellious on an elegant design.

Role: Product Engineer
Size: 6ftx 15in x 2in
Cilent: Christian Moller
Tools:  Arduino, Load Cells, LEDs
Electronics Facilitator: Chandler McWilliams
Softness is a unique rug. It uses LEDs and load cell technology to create a warm vibration when in contact with a person.This project grew out of my fondess of comfortable interactive art gallery pieces and my interest in making an Arduino based project. 

Role: Prop Designer, Fabricator
Size: 6ft x 18in, 25in
Cilent: UCLA Film & Television
Tools:  Illustrator, CNC, Woodshop
Musical Director: Uma Supatra
Kissing Blocks is the center prop of UCLA Film Theatre & Television school’s musical Myths and Hymns. It has multifunctio abilities; a ladder, a cot, and a coffin. This was a challenge and it was solved by meticulously simplifying the shapes of each object. The final design was a two piece blocks which resembled a large jigsaw puzzle piece. The Kissing Blocks had to be carried 3 times in the duration of the 40-minute musical which asked for finger digits. The prop has minimal, circular finger digits on the short faces of the ladder portion to make lifting easier.