Title: Passion Flower
Size: 9ft x 8ft
Role: Graphic Designer
Client: SYDE Studios
Project Manager: Sapana Shakya

Passion Flower is an exterior mural for a private residence in Kathmandu, Nepal. This mural is for a wall behind a descending flight of stairs. The wild passion flower’s unique shape and structure along with the type “Always Create” or “Create Always” in Baskerville stack on the corners of the mural to inspire endless creativity.

Title: Rich in Color
: 12ft x 5ft
Role: Graphic Designer, Muralist
Client: City of Palo Alto
Project Manager: Nadya Chuprina  Photography: Palo Alto Volunteers

Rich in Color is a mural commissioned by Palo Alto City Hall for the national Black Lives Matter mural movement in 2020. I was commisioned to paint the letter “L” of lives. The colors are referenced from the Pan African flag symbolizing wealth, nature, and prosperity of the African Diaspora.
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Title: We The Deserving
Size: 30ft x 11ft
Role: Graphic Designer, Muralist
Client: NAACP, Santa Clara County
Co-organizer: Briena Brown

We The Deserving is a mural commissioned by NAACP, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People as a gift to Santa Clara County's Re-Entry Center. As the mural designer, I rendered a digital drawing createtd by artist and co-organizer Briena Brown to execute it to create a life size mural to brighten up the entrance of the rehabilitation center.

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