💼 Graphic Designer
📂 Kazi Studios
🛠️ Illustrator

🕶️ Kreeti Shakya

1. Created the brand identity for a coffee shop in LA.
2. Pattern, logo, apparal, and packaging.

The overall brand identity for Green Cup Coffee is modern with a grounded feeling. The color scheme remains homogenous to create solidity with the environment. Another notable design choice is using straight black lines to divide sections, creating a clean and straightforward look that uplifts the modern contemporary part of the identity. 

💼 Graphic Designer

📂 826LA
🛠️ Adobe Illustrator
🕶️ Carrine Mangold

1. Creative executive of the design of a 12 page User Interface experience for a successful article. Designed for mass produced booklets, flyers, print advertising.
2. Generated non destructive reusable assets and animated them using Adobe After Effects for a documentary shared on digital platforms such as IG stories.
3. Prioritized projects by proactively identifying the shifting priorities while being in communication with the project manager. Maintained brand consistency and aesthetic across platforms increased engagement and interactions with viewers by 15%.
4. Brainstormed a new product to be designed for-print and for-web consumer products for stores in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

I used yellow, orange, and red for the logo because yellow suggests play, and red suggests competition. I use an analagous color gradient to create a changing form in the same way memory shifts .and changes. 

In Illustrator, I used ellipses to trace the MMR letters (using T.H. Alphabet soup font) with 1/2 opacity to have a playful geometry effect where ellipses overlap

Asset Design

Color Scheme 
I picked a 5 part color scheme for the primary colors of the deck. 3 of which are used in the logo. The secondary colors grew out of the objects being illustrated. 

Instagram post and 826LA Store

💼 Graphic Designer 
📂 Kazi Studios
🛠️ Adobe Illustrator
🕶️ Kreeti Shakya

1. Assisted in design strategies to in-house projects (branding, and merchandise) using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
2. Research and development of new products to have better knowledge of the demographics of target audiences.
3. Maintained use of design principles and brand guidelines with strong

💼 Graphic Design Intern
📂 NurLabs
🛠️ Figma
🕶️ Sumita Jonak

1. Designed templates in Adobe InDesign for infographics, pitch decks, and edited videos in Adobe After Effects for business competitions in collaboration with 3 UCLA medical and business researchers. Created a 5-page high fidelity prototype of an informative and educational website for the med-tech startup company.

2. Wrote and edited multiple scripts, formed pitch decks, and edited videos for medical technology business competition in collaboration with 3 UCLA medical and business researchers.

3. Graphics created for competitions resulted in the winners of 2 major business competitions: The University of Arkansas HeartLand Challenge and UC Davis Business Competition. ($1,000+ in prizes.)


💼 Cover Designer
🛠️ Adobe InDesign

LACMA’s Ceramics catalog was made for a celebration of the ceramics department at LACMA. Cover photo: Peter Shire, LACMA store.

Use of typography.
The title, ceramics, is written in Helvetica because it is easily legible from afar and ideal for communication on billboards. The type is primarily centered on both media, the magazine and the billboard.

Use of color.
The product photography used as the main image uses beige with various colors added. This gives the image life of its own, which is why the backdrop for both media is primarily white. The billboard uses splashes of yellow to even out the white space, which otherwise would have left the two mugs seemingly floating.


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